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Guardian Week 2020

Guardian Week is a fan theme week dedicated to creating fanworks for the novel and drama adaptation of Guardian | Zhen Hun | 镇魂.


A fan week is a fandom event that generally runs for 7 days, during which each day has a designated theme and/or prompt(s) for fans to publish works inspired by or that fit the theme and/or prompt(s).

Guardian Week 2020 runs August 14th-20th.

Each day there will be a highlighted theme and two word prompts for fan creators to submit fanworks. As long as either the theme or at least one of the prompts are used, your work can be submitted.

All types of fanworks are allowed, including but not limited to: fics, art, vids, meta, graphics, podfics, moodboards, etc.

Submissions will be retweeted and accepted into the AO3 collection up until August 27th.

Guardian Week is run by phylocalist. You can contact him (or the event's twitter account) through DM if you have any questions or suggestions! Alternatively, you can send any questions you may have to our curious cat.


All pairings and ratings are welcome as long as they are properly tagged. Gen works are also more than welcome!Both novel-verse and drama-verse (or canon-fusions!) works are welcome.Purposefully malicious content will not be accepted (e.g., content that is a racist depiction of characters).Fanworks submitted to the event must not have been previously published. Sequels, remixes, etc., can be submitted as long as they can stand on their own.Themes and prompts may be interpreted as abstractly or literally as you want (e.g., you can write a Fantasy AU for the “Fantasy” theme, but you can also write a canon story involving a fairytale being read) and you may use only one, all three, or combine them as you wish!Participation in all days is not required! Feel free to participate in as many or as little days as you want/are able to.

Schedule and prompts

Guardian Week runs August 14th to August 20th, 2020.

August 14th — Canon
Fluff, Firsts

August 15th — Holidays
Crack, Revenge

August 16th — Fantasy
Action, Case-solving

August 17th — Science Fiction
Angst, Found Family

August 18th — Horror
Hurt/Comfort, Domesticity

August 19th — Mythology
Smut, Misunderstandings

August 20th — Free day

How to Submit

Publish your work on the corresponding day of the prompt or theme. If you are unable to, you can also submit your work up to a week after the original prompt day, and it will be retweeted during the week after the event (Aug 21st-27th).If posting on twitter, use the hashtag #GuardianWeek2020 so we can find your work. Feel free to mention us (@GuardianWeek) too!If posting on AO3, add your work to our collection. A mod will accept it as soon as possible!If posting on any other platform, feel free to use a Guardian Week 2020 tag. You may also crosspost to AO3 or twitter so we can add/retweet it!